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Growing a business in today's competitive market often puts a severe strain on a company's IT resources. For many companies, building a network infrastructure to meet strategic computing needs drops to the bottom of an overflowing action item list. Instead, patches and quick fixes are put in place.

While these may answer short-term needs, they often result in a less than ideal mix of hardware and applications that may do more harm than good over the long-term, consuming time and money without adding value to the organization.

With the help of Abstract Computer Solutions, and the use of Enterprise Networking practices, clients can move network infrastructure creation to the top of the queue, where it belongs. Enterprise Networking solutions are delivered by experienced, skilled engineers who have earned the respect of clients and industry-leading manufacturers. Services include:

  • LAN/WAN design and implementation
  • Security, audit and design
  • Consulting, project management and planning
  • High-availability solutions
  • Remote and on-site help desk services
  • Network administration services
  • Custom Software solutions

Onsite Support

- Support Needs Assessment
- Cost/Benefit Analysis
- Maintenance SLA & RFP Review

Network Design

- Web Filters
- Website Design & Hosting
- Process Improvement
- Automated Security Patch Management
- Cable Management

Wireless Networking

- Security Testing & Upgrades
- Authentication Strategies
- New Deployments

IT Strategic Planning

- Technology Plans & Updates
- Strategy Mapping
- Function & Process Analysis
- Reliable & automatic data backup

Web Development

- Web site design and development
- Web site hosting
- HTML, ASP, PHP, SQL database, and more
- eCommerce development

Remote Access

- Secure Dial-up
-Hardware and Software VPN Implementation
- Remote Office Connectivity


- Security Policies
- User & Product Documentation
- Server & Router Documentation

Email Management

- Electronic Recordkeeping
- Email Usage Policies
- Email Securityand Spam Monitoring


Get better service.

As a single point-of-contact solutions provider, let Abstract Computer Solutions manage your IT needs. We can help assure quality and consistency, as well as more effective project control. And we can provide our service and support every step of the way?from initial planning through implementation to maintenance and support.

When you look for a technology partner to help with all your computer and/or telephone needs, what do you want when it's all said and done?

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